December 2019. LATEST UPDATES.

I have a new novel and and a new play both completed and in the process of being made into ebooks and available on my website.

My new novel is AMPLE MAKE THIS BED now on Amazon, B&N, booklocker.com and my website 3rdageworld.com

My new play about the iconic Canadian painter, Tom Thomson, is called TOM: Birth of a Legend and is currently being posted here on my blog, scene by scene where you can read it and leave your feedback comments which I hope you will do.


My play CIRCLING THE DRAIN, a black comedy/farce about the ‘right to die’ has been undergoing a major rewrite and temporarily put on hold for a variety of reasons but mainly as a result of the feedback I’ve had from public readings in different places. Also because my current play WHISTLEBLOWERS has been given fresh impetus by the plight of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. So while I now am working on the 7th draft of WHISTLEBLOWERS and will be  previewing it scene by scene on my blog to receive comments, critiques and feedback – my other play CIRCLING THE DRAIN is taking a back seat. 

However, when this pilot project with my current farce, WHISTLEBLOWERS is launched, I hope to use the same approach with CIRCLING THE DRAIN, to get it off the page and onto the stage – with all your feedback and support. 

To keep abreast of how this will all play out over the coming months, please read my blog posts and add your feedback to any of the scenes as they are being posted.

Thanks for your interest, Terry





You can buy copies of IN HOT PURSUIT, THE BLUE-EYED BOY and A SINGLE STEP as e-books: just click on the titles.

All of these novels in THE 3RD AGE TRILOGY are available at $8.95 each in PDF format which you can read on your computer or handheld devices such as Kindle e-bookreader, Ipad or the KOBO e-book reader.


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