Author Bio

Terry Oliver has been writing since grade school and at various times regarded himself as a short story writer, playwright, agitprop theatre producer,director, pamphleteer, scriptwriter and for the past several years as a novelist.

During that time he has been working on a 3rd Age Trilogy – all three books are now available in paperback and ebook formats. A sequel to the published trilogy, AMPLE MAKE THIS BED, is now finished and awaiting publication.

As a post-60 writer, his main interest has been in exploring living in this 3rd stage of life and how people deal with the challenges older people face today.

The characters in his 3rd Age Trilogy wrestle with these ideas and attempt to find their own path through this unexplored territory with varying degrees of success but always a willingness to keep an open mind.

In the sequel, AMPLE MAKE THIS BED, he draws on his time in the professional theatre and his spare time ‘messing about in boats’, to follow a different set of characters searching for meaning in the elusive 3rd age.

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