ALL IS TRUE – My film of the month – July 2019

by admin on July 15, 2019

Mystery surrounds much of Shakespeare’s life whether he was in the public eye in London or at home back in Stratford. Which leaves the field wide open for conjecture and theories about him by writers, scholars, critics, actors, film-makers and other playwrights.

Tom Stoppard made the biggest splash with his filmscript for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. Since then there has been a rash of films, novels and plays about the bard of Avon.

The Canadian playwright Vern Thiessen’s punning title, SHAKESPEARE’S WILL has been widely produced and acclaimed here and abroad. And now Kenneth Branagh has made an intriguing film about Shakespeare’s final years in retirement, which audiences have been flocking to see.

It seems there is no limit to the appetite for fresh revelations about how the great man lived. Expect to see lots more plays and films joining the feeding frenzy. Even I have been caught up in all this renewed interest in the life and times of the bard. My new play is all about the Dark Lady of the sonnets – who was she? -where did they meet? – how did she react to all his attention? Where are all the lost letters of Shakespeare to her?

All will be revealed as I delve into my secret cache of rediscovered love letters between them. But mum’s the word until my play is finished. As Donald Trump would say, it’s going to be huge.

Meantime, don’t miss ALL IS TRUE. It will whet your appetite for even more revelations.

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