NEW PLAY – WHISTLEBLOWERS – a political black comedy/farce

by Terry Oliver on February 5, 2015

WHISTLEBLOWERS is my new play which is based on the events surrounding the people who have placed their lives in jeopardy by exposing the criminal activities which our governments perpetrate in secret. It is a satirical look at how whistleblowers are treated as they are hounded, vilified and even tortured by ruthless government agencies no longer answerable to us but acting in our names. Although the play avoids naming specific individuals the events surrounding the most famous whistleblowers will be familiar, as well as the actions of the  major world leaders who continue to pursue them around the globe, intent upon silencing them in any way they can. By using farcical situations loosely based on recent events, the ludicrousness of our government leaders’ actions is held up to the ridicule they so richly deserve.

Now begins the process of finding a theatre company willing to produce it- here in Canada, the  US or the UK. So in order to help this process along, I intend to preview WHISTLEBLOWERS, serially, here on my blog, one scene at a time. I hope this will encourage readers to spread the word and offer their comments and criticisms, which in turn, will help me improve the play on its way to its first production.

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