The Blue-Eyed Boy

by Terry Oliver on November 17, 2009

WARNING! A novel for the over 60’s only.

Barney Roper, rising 70, determines to travel to China in his search for answers to his dilemma of how to steer through this stage of his life. Despite his better judgment he persuades Roz, a painter with whom he has become infatuated, to travel with him. But Roz is a woman with a past and it finally catches up with them as they move overland from China to Tibet and Nepal and land in the middle of a political revolution.

Meantime, Barney’s wife, Alice, has been following her new-found freedom to explore her own life, post-60, in London and Rome with her new partner, Heck. They try to escape from the constraints of academia, only to find themselves embroiled in an ill-judged student protest over climate change that threatens to land him in prison and puts her in hospital.

Barney and Alice seem unable to extricate themselves from their past lives despite being half a world apart. Living fully in the 3rd Age makes heavy demands that have them clutching each other for support. But they follow Churchill’s advice: “when you’re going though hell – keep going.”

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