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by Terry Oliver on January 6, 2020

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December 15th, 2019.


Last week I was invited to appear on Shaw TV’s community channel, SPOTLIGHT. As a local author with a new book on release, I was given a 15 minute slot to talk about my novel and how it grew. Will Smith, who hosted the show and is an ardent promoter of local authors,  put me at ease as he chatted about his interest in local writers of all descriptions and how happy he was in bringing them and their work to the public’s attention.

He invited me to arrive early and watch two previous interviews with local writers being conducted. The first one spoke of her ongoing campaign to raise public awareness of the rampant spread of uncontrolled 5G  wifi worldwide and the potential danger from radiation for this unproven technology.

She was followed by an ardent supporter of the Extinction Rebellion movement, who spoke with great urgency of how short a time we have to stop talking and start acting if we are to prevent the catastrophic effects of climate change.

And then it was my turn to talk about what relevance my new book and new play had against such a paralysingly frightening backdrop. This was exactly the theme of my Tom Thomson play set in the midst of the 1st World War. What is the role of art and the artist in a time of social unrest and war? Have creative artists of any sort of role to play? Or are they relegated to the sidelines as impotent onlookers until the dust settles?

It’s a question that hasn’t yet been answered definitively. Each artist, it seems, must do battle with their own conscience as to how they will act – or not act.

The television interview ended and the viewers were left with three different aspects of our present-day dilemma. I went home encouraged by the thought that the show would be aired multiple times and not just once, so people could tell their family and friends to watch out for it.

Will Smith has edited the show and is sending me a link to my segment which I will post on my website and my Facebook pages soon.

As a post-script to all this, Shaw TV’s Spotlight producer, John Mackenzie, has offered me the chance to create an arts show, to showcase local writers, actors, directors, poets, and  artists in the New Year.

This is too big an opportunity to pass up. But I’m going to need help to get it up and running. I’ll keep you posted so watch this space.





Early Book review. With only the printer’s proof copy to show people so far, I was invited to do a reading from it instead this week, which was very well-received, I’m happy to say. The rush by authors to publish for the Xmas market may mean delays in getting more copies for readers’ reviews. Meantime, I shall continue to post it on my website one chapter at a time. Here’s Chapter 3 – (see below on my blog post.)



The sequel to my 3rd Age trilogy, AMPLE MAKE THIS BED is at last re-edited down to a new slim 415 pages from its prior bloated 530 page blockbuster size. I am still battered and bruised from all the slash and burn of over a hundred pages of deathless prose consigned to the flames. At times I despaired I could do it, but plucky devil that I am, I finally won. At what cost to my original concept is another question that only you, dear reader, can answer. For my part, I now know the full meaning of a pyrrhic victory. At any rate it is finished and with the publisher, for formatting and final proof-reading. The cover design is completed – at least that I am very happy with – just last minute tweaks. The book  will soon be available as a paperback  from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, my website or through any bookstore. Your comments and previews prior to publication would be much appreciated.  You can read the opening chapter  which I’ll post  on my CHAPTER EXCERPTS section of the website.

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