OFFICIAL SECRETS – My film of the month, October 2019

by admin on October 18, 2019

The night I went to see OFFICIAL SECRETS, a mostly older audience applauded at the end of this film -an unusual occurrence at the movies, but more than warranted. This is a film based on the deliberate lies of Bush & Blair which led directly to the Iraq war, and resulted in the deaths of thousands of British and American soldiers and estimates of nearly a million Iraqi people.

Based on documentary footage and journalistic investigating, we are left in no doubt of the guilt of Blair and Bush as war criminals, who have still not been brought to trial.

The woman whistleblower who exposed them with leaked documents is tried on treason charges, but was later released because the British government refused to give her lawyer the evidence which incriminated both Blair and Bush.

An important film you owe it to yourself to see, especially as whistleblowers are again under attack on both sides of the pond.

Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes are both excellent in OFFICIAL SECRETS. I would watch this again when it comes out in DVD.


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