THE CHILDREN – The Belfry Theatre – My Play of the Month -Sept 2019

by admin on September 18, 2019

Last night the preview of British playwright Lucy Kirkwood’s THE CHILDREN, got off to a shaky start with missed cues and several prompts, but it gathered strength during the course of its one hour and 40 minutes with no intermission and ended powerfully.

Despite my aversion to boring realistic sets with sinks and fridges that really work, and lots of stage business with drinks and food preparation which add little to the plot and only serve to distract; the strong well-acted characters held our attention as the play unfolded like some modern-day Greek tragedy.

The children of the play’s title are never seen but only heard about, as their fate is fought over by their elders. Although the theme is our dangerous flirtation with nuclear power stations, the play never or rarely descends into mere propaganda.

It holds our feet to the fire over moral and ethical choices, as the characters struggle with the consequences not only for themselves, friends and colleagues but for the havoc they have brought on their children and future generations.

Funny, bitter and powerful play

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