LATEST NEWS: re-edit of AMPLE MAKE THIS BED only awaits its cover.

by Terry Oliver on July 23, 2019


The sequel to my 3rd Age trilogy, AMPLE MAKE THIS BED is at last re-edited down to a new slim 415 pages from its prior bloated 530 page blockbuster size. I am still battered and bruised from all the slash and burn of over a hundred pages of deathless prose consigned to the flames. At times I despaired I could do it, but plucky devil that I am, I finally won. At what cost to my original concept is another question that only you, dear reader, can answer. For my part, I now know the full meaning of a pyrrhic victory. At any rate it is finished and with the publisher for formatting and final proof-reading. The cover design is completed – at least that I am very happy with – just last minute tweaks. The book  will soon be available as a paperback  from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through any bookstore. Your comments and previews prior to publication would be much appreciated. Just drop me a note to my website here and I’ll send you a PDF for you to comment on, which I’ll post  on my READERS’ REVIEWS section of the website.

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