Film of the Month – BUTTERFLY CAUGHT

by admin on March 19, 2019

BUTTTERFLY CAUGHT should come with a serious health warning for aspiring female film actors. Another good reason to stick with the stage. At least as it plays out in this gritty tale of three young women who go for broke, in an attempt to crack the LA/Hollywood route to success.

The demeaning and degrading depths they have to plumb along the way is rationalised by each of them, as they try to support each other in their determination to make it. They succumb to admissions of defeat one  after the other until only one is left to claim a pyrrhic victory. But at a high cost to her self-esteem.

The old saw ‘don’t put your daughter on the stage Mrs Worthington’ must now be revised to the silver  screen, not the stage, it seems. Turns out the route to Hollywood is paved with the same stuff as the road to Hell…

My advice would be to stick to the stage, girls. Less money, more rewarding. But then, I would say that, of course. I’m a playwright.

Any thoughts? Seen any good ones to share with us?

BUTTERFLY CAUGHT is a Heckfire Films Production, 2018

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