New Year 2019 – Magic Mondays

by admin on January 16, 2019

Your New Year resolutions list is so staggeringly long you’re almost defeated before you start. Enter the Magic Monday idea.

For those of you not familiar with this concept, this is how it works. I discovered it in a Chinese/English newspaper some time ago and have been using it ever since. Each Monday morning is like a brand new, new year’s resolution list. Just head up a blank sheet with Magic Monday To Do List and the date. Then put down whatever is the most pressing thing you need to do. Keep adding to it until you can’t think of any more items at present. Then go over it and prioritise what you want/should do first by using asterisks, underlining, circling, exclamation marks, bold capitals, coloured marker pens or whatever grabs your attention.

My list stays right beside my laptop on my desk so I can add to it whenever I think of something that needs doing. Some things can be done right away easily. Others will take longer so I try to make a start on them through the week.

I sometimes even write down things I’ve already done, just for the pleasure of crossing them off immediately. Of course it’s cheating but it’s harmless and gives me a satisfying little boost. It’s a trick I picked up from my ex who used it all the time. I always knew she’d done it when I saw her grin as she crossed an item off with a flourish. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.

I put everything on my list except food shopping. That list stays in the kitchen. Otherwise, try to keep it practical. And not too ambitious. For example, I’m editing my latest novel. I don’t simply put down edit novel. That could take ages to strike off my Magic Monday list. Instead I put down edit chapter 17, or wherever I am. And I can cross it off and put chapter 18 on next week’s list.

Every week you start a fresh Magic Monday list and clip it on top of the old one. It’s like giving yourself 52 chances to make New Year’s resolution lists. Look at all the things you’ve accomplished and crossed off. I wake up on Monday mornings now and race out to my desk eager to start my new list.

Yes, you say, but what about the things still undone on last week’s list? Here’s where the magic comes in. You go through them and discover some of them don’t need to be done after all, so you can cross them off, too. Okay, but there’s still several items that should be done. If they’re urgent, shift them onto your new list. If not, leave them on the old list and keep an eye on them each week. More magic – the longer they stay on the list the less important they seem to become. It’s a matter of perspective. Natural attrition often deals with them. Let sleeping dogs lie.

Meantime you can look forward to a whole new list of things to do. Are you down-hearted? Not a bit of it. You’ve got a whole year of Magic Mondays ahead of you to make 52 fresh starts. It’s exhilarating, it’s exciting, it’s fun for the whole family, as they say. It’s magic….

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