Whose life is it anyway?

by Terry Oliver on March 31, 2014

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted here.  I stopped because I felt I wanted to go in a different direction but wasn’t sure what that would be. My two current preoccupations are the controversy surrounding the Supreme Court case concerning the ‘right to die’, being challenged in many provinces and the other ongoing struggle of whistleblowers to confront governments over the right to tell the public the truth without fear of reprisal. These two themes are the subjects of the two plays I’m presently working on. The ‘right to die’ play is called CIRCLING THE DRAIN  which I’ve been workshopping for the last year and is now moving to the next stage of finding a theatre to put it on. I’m starting with the theatres nearest to home here in Victoria and Vancouver before trying the other theatre companies across Canada. The CBC National news has been running a series of weekly documentary programs on end of life issues and the struggle to legalise physician assisted suicide. This is a political hot potato and most politicians are frightened to support it as they think the public is split on the issue. However, many commentators in the blogosphere feel the general public is way ahead of the politicians and in favour of allowing ‘right to die’ choice to those who want it. The controversy seems centred around the question of abuse of power and those opposed say  sick or elderly people will be pressured by family or doctors to agree to ending their lives against their will. Those in favour point to states and countries where physician assisted suicide is already legal and that so far no evidence of abuses have been reported. These countries include Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, some US states, like Washington and Oregon and Quebec here in Canada. But either way there is plenty of interest in the subject with no early resolution in sight. My new play which is still at the outline and research stage is provisionally called WHISTLEBLOWERS,

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