Old dogs can learn new tricks

by Terry Oliver on March 1, 2012

You haven’t heard about turmeric yet? Researchers are now touting it as the latest wonder food to stave off the onset of Alzheimers. It is now right up there in the top ten items we should be eating regularly along with various berries and chocolate. For those of us seniors skeptical of  the latest superdrug urged on us by the pharmaceutical giants, it’s a relief to find something natural  to add to our constantly changing diets.

Now that we’ve been told that all those supplements which overflow our medicine cabinets are not only a waste of money but in some cases actually harmful to boot, I am on the alert for the next best thing to come along. And turmeric is the current buzz. In the trendy neighbourhood near where I live, the spice shelves in the local supermarkets are already empty of this particular Indian specialty. But eventually I tracked down a little sachet of the precious stuff and brought it home to try out.

Now any of the wild berries are easy to use – just pour them in a bowl with a dollop of yoghurt and eat – instant brain food,  right? But you can’t just sprinkle turmeric on your cereal or mashed potatoes – it requires a bit of planning. Well, it’s a curry spice, so in it went with the usual garam masala I normally use in my favourite curry combo. But the resulting taste was very bitter. Turns out that garam masala already contains turmeric so a double dose of it is not recommended.

However, I ate it anyway, on the grounds that it might not taste great but at least it was doing me good. I thought maybe I could try it  on scrambled eggs next. Before I go out for my brisk thirty minute walk every morning.  Because along with eating super brainfoods to keep our memory razor sharp the researchers and scientists also insist that daily vigorous physical activity is the main thing that will keep us out of the Alzheimer’s Ward.

I convince my significant other that it is imperative we begin our new regime immediately. No time can afford to be wasted at our advanced age if we want to retain those increasingly shy little memory cells. Lady Gaga means something entirely different to us than it does to our children and grandkids.

So the alarm is now set for an early morning jog along the seawall, past the Vancouver Aquatic Centre where the girl on the reception desk assures me that I can have cheap senior rates for entry to the huge pool and fitness centre. I leave clutching the brochure which informs me that 32 laps end to end equals one mile or 77 makes up a mile if I choose to swim side to side.

I can practically feel the benefits already and I’ve only been on my turmeric and jogtrots for 2 days. For example, this morning right after my breakfast of curried eggs, I found my second set of keys where I’d cleverly hidden them a month ago. And only this afternoon I remembered  that my oldest friend is wintering in New Orleans – previously the closest I could recall was that he was somewhere in Louisiana. I feel like Alice’s Red Queen who claimed she often remembered six impossible things before breakfast.

Oh and best of all, those diligent research scientists are now insisting that power naps are a must for us to  stay in top form.

Well I could have told them that. You see, old dogs can learn new tricks.

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Eric Little March 2, 2012 at 7:53 am

Great! Now I have to add another bottle of “miracle cure” to our medicine cabinet. This one had better work! I’ll let you know — maybe!


xila March 9, 2012 at 10:41 pm

From now on all our food must have a yellow tint to be authentic!

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