Grey is the new green

by Terry Oliver on July 1, 2010

It’s very cheering to see more and more of the senior generation coming forward and making their voices heard above the white noise of the business as usual clamour. Grandparents have traditionally championed the cause of grandchildren and right now more and more of us are becoming very disturbed at the prospects for their future.

We see little chance of things changing for the better as events like Copenhagen, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the G20 Summit all end as fiascos. Watching world leaders dither and floundering around in a futile search for ways to patch up our broken unworkable economic systems instead of building new sustainable ones would be funny if it weren’t so frightening. Gambling with our rising generations futures is so irresponsible it’s no wonder we seniors feel compelled to stand up and demand change. As James Kunstler says in his blog – where are the adults?

Well, I’ll tell you where some of them are – they’re networking on websites like and and if like me, you’re feeling in need of some inspiration you’ll find plenty of it here. I urge you to check them out and see what you, as a concerned grandparent can do to help change things. Here are role models worth emulating. Browse around their sites, read their blogs, check out the links and come away feeling re-energised.

Yes, I can make a difference despite my society’s attempts to side-line and discount me as nothing more than a burden. I do have a very urgent role to play today, joining increasing numbers of older people as champions of our grand-children’s future.

As I uncover more of these senior activists websites, I’ll post up the links here. And if you come across any, be sure to tell me about them so I can add them to our network.

Time is running out for both us and our children’s children.

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Joyce Emery July 1, 2010 at 8:31 am

Thank you Terry for a forceful statement about our mutual concerns and goals as seniors and as grandparents. We at Green Seniors are glad to learn of you and your work, and to have an ally expanding the senior activist network!

By choice for the sake of independence, the two blogs you have featured today have no support outside of myself and co-founder Keith Farnish of the UK. As Keith says, these blogs are the work of two people in their spare time. But all of us together can build a network that is far stronger and more influential than any one of us working alone.

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