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by Terry Oliver on January 17, 2010

Christmas is the time when the latest new ‘must-haves’ appear and this year is the year of the ebook reader.
There are several to choose from but the one that’s hogging the limelight is Barnes & Noble’s Nook.
So far, most of the reviews seem positive and in the ratings tables it has outclassed its two main rivals in almost every category. I’m referring to Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s two e-book readers.
There is as always good news and bad news. The bad news, at least for Canadians like me is that the Nook only sells and functions in the US so far.
Both Amazon and Sony’s e-readers are now available everywhere, I understand.
The other downside to them all is the price. All of them sell for around $250 US. But watch the January sales for deals according to insider reviewers.
If you want to try them out you can now find them in the big electronic stores and the Sony e-readers are on sale in some of the larger bookstores.
The Nook is on display in Barnes & Noble bookstores and website. The Kindle is Amazon’s top-selling item on their websites, they claim.
If, like me, you’ve been toying with owning one of these e-readers but couldn’t make up your mind, the jury is still out. Apparently several other big boys – think Google, Microsoft and more Japanese manufacturers are launching devices soon.
So reluctantly, I guess I’ll wait a bit longer before I buy unless the price drops below that $100 barrier which probably won’t happen too soon. If I do weaken, I think my money will go on the Nook.
To make up your own mind,  just google latest e-book readers for reviews of what’s out there – there’s quite a few at the Las Vegas gadget show this month, too.
And if you do decide to buy one don’t forget my novels are available as e-books too.

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