Writer’s Cramp

by Terry Oliver on December 16, 2009

The old adage that everything takes longer than you thought certainly applies to writing books. For this past summer and autumn I’ve been redrafting, editing and revising THE BLUE-EYED BOY, the second novel in my 3rd age trilogy. But finally, it is with the publisher and should be available in January. Watch this space.

Hopefully, the last book in the trilogy, A SINGLE STEP will be finished this winter and ready for release in the spring.

In my latest book, THE BLUE-EYED BOY, I’ve been exploring all the themes of the first novel, IN HOT PURSUIT, against the backdrop of travelling through China, Tibet and Nepal as well as Europe. The two 3rd Agers, Barney and Alice Roper go in different directions as they follow their new-found freedom to explore how best to navigate through the uncharted territory of life post-60.

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