The 3rd Age Trilogy

by Terry Oliver on November 20, 2009

THE 3RD AGE TRILOGY follows the life journeys of Barney Roper and his wife Alice, a pair of ’60-something’ empty nesters who determine to explore this next stage of their lives fully to see what this 3rd age has to offer.  Their journeys take them in opposite directions and into new relationships which they hadn’t foreseen. Alice stays anchored in the UK but Barney travels first to Canada, in the first book, then Asia – China, Tibet and Nepal in the second book and to Europe and Africa in the last book of the trilogy. Although they decide to divorce, they are continually thrown back together by the problems faced by their children. But they persevere with their new roles as 3rd age pioneers – breaking trail for their kids, as Barney sees it.

IN HOT PURSUIT- Book 1 – Published June 2007 – more info

THE BLUE-EYED BOY – Book 2 – Published March 2010 – more info

A SINGLE STEP – Book  3 – Published May 2011 more info

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