In Hot Pursuit

by Terry Oliver on November 19, 2009

A Novel for the ‘sixty-somethings’

IN HOT PURSUIT is my first novel about a couple of empty-nesters facing life in the 3rd Age. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Barney Roper is a ‘sixty-something’ in search of some purpose to this third age of his life. His children have all left home and his marriage seems an empty shell. He decides to break from his wife, Alice and go back to his roots in Canada.

Alice, in her turn, determines to change direction and follow-up on her long-cherished wish to study archaeology. She plunges into her new life as a 60-year-old Oxford student and quickly becomes entangled in an unexpected relationship.

Barney, meanwhile, starts hares in all directions with some amusing and unpredictable results – his stated aim to follow TS Eliot’s dictum that ‘old men should be explorers’ takes him into the seamier sides of Vancouver.

Whatever else they expected their 3rd age to be, it is certainly challenging and they both willingly rise to meet it. The novel deals head-on with all aspects, both funny and sad, of living fully in this undiscovered country of the ‘sixty-somethings’.

To read the first two chapters – download here

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