December 15th, 2019. INTERVIEW ON SHAW CABLE TV . Last week I was invited to appear on Shaw TV’s community channel, SPOTLIGHT. As a local author with a new book on release, I was given a 15 minute slot to talk about my novel and how it grew. Will Smith, who hosted the show and […]


Chapter 6 – preview of AMPLE MAKE THIS BED

January 31, 2020

    Here’s the latest installment of my novel: Ama meets her ex-husband, then her ex-lover…  CHAPTER SIX  ‘Ronnie? I’m on the airport bus. I should be downtown in half an hour. Where shall I meet you?’ asked Ama, trying to keep her usual tinge of annoyance out of her voice. ‘Ama – Christ! All […]

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First reader review of AMPLE MAKE THIS BED

January 30, 2020

I’m having to hand deliver review copies of my new novel to potential reviewers because the postal charges amount to more than the cost of the book. That’s not an exaggeration. I had copies packaged up and ready to send to Toronto and the postage was $18.95 per book. So all my potential Ontario reviewers […]

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AMPLE MAKE THIS BED – Chapter 5, Jan 15, 2020

January 15, 2020

CHAPTER FIVE -PREVIEW   Hello Ama, it’s Ronnie. My agent said you left an urgent message – what is it, Ocean playing up again?’ ‘I need to talk to you, Ronnie. Ocean’s in trouble.’ ‘You are talking to me. What’s she done this time?’ ‘No, I mean we have to meet – face to face, […]

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ACT 2, Scene 3 – TOM: Birth of a Legend. Jan.2020

January 6, 2020

Here’s the final scene of my new play about TOM THOMSON,  the iconic Canadian painter whose tragically premature  death led to a still unsolved mystery and continuing fascination with his work.     SCENE THREE: THE CANOE LODGE. VERANDA. ALGONQUIN PARK. NIGHT. (The platform structure is now the hotel veranda again, decorated with lanterns and […]

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